Thai Wall Art

Thailand, oooh!!! Thai art. I may not be an art lover nor I wouldn’t neither be a hater. But I do admire things that would catch my eyes. When I went to their different temples I was in awe, but then what stunned me the most was this one. (I took a lot of it, but this is a sample of one). I don’t really know their culture nor their history but what the photo depicts was just, uhhh!!! Even I was speechless when I saw this. And all the others. And one day, if i’d be given a chance, then I’d gladly fly back to see these one more time.


Eyes On Me (Physical)

I’ve always been wondering how do I really see myself. Questions like:

“How do I really look like?”

“Am I pretty or ugly?”

“How do people see me?” , and so much more. Sometimes I just look in the mirror and say “You have been existing for 3 decades in this world and yet you haven’t found enough satisfaction to make you feel secure”

Physically, I have a very long dark brown hair, (that I dyed to something reddish a couple of months ago), I have a fair skin (especially on my face and neck, both my legs and my main body as well, but a little bit dark on both my arms caused by sun exposure), I have semi-round, dark brown eyes with very thin eyelashes, borderline of thick and thin appearance on my lips, puffy cheeks especially when I smile, and a plain & simple chin. 5 feet 3 inches tall, and 55 kilograms heavy.

It may seem these features are not that interesting to many, but to the man I love, he accepted all of me.

-Fin: Part 1-